Using Legal Writing Skills on Law School Exams – a blog post from Lady (Legal) Writer

I love this blog!  Lady (Legal) Writer often relies on recent legal news in her posts.  I find this a great way to learn the lingo in addition to catching up on the legal news.

In this post, she discusses the formats to use (legal writing skills) for law school exams.  It is also a good lesson for lawyers to practice their skills, as well as for other business professionals in writing memos and other documents that require analyses.

The Methods?

  • IRAC – Issue, Ruale, Analysis, Conclusion
  • CREAC – Conclusion, Rule, Explanation of Rule, Analysis, Conclusion

Click this link to read her blog post:

Lady (Legal) Writer: Using Legal Writing Skills on Law School Exams.

Thanks to Megan for allowing us to share!

Legal Writing


Future Tense – Am going to vs. will

When does one use “am going to” instead of the simple future tense, “will“?

It is not an easy lesson to learn – but it is not impossible.  As a native English speaker, I recently found that I did not know the rules.  I thought it was one of those things I just knew “intuitively” or really, from years of listening and speaking.

But when faced with this lesson last week, I found my answers to be “wrong” according to some local English teachers. Well, after doing the research, I found that those teachers were wrong.  Like much else in life, this lesson too is not always an either/or situation.  Sometimes the answer is “both.”

Below are links to the lesson (videos) and online quizzes for practice!


Video Lessons:


Link to more quizzes:

ESL Quiz – English for Accountants

I found another great mini-test today –       

Business English for Accountants!  

According to, this quiz is “designed to teach you accounting, bookkeeping, and other vocabulary for financial record keeping, while polishing your grammar skills. Although it’s meant for ESL students, it’ll be useful to anyone who wants to practice this specialized vocabulary.”

You can take the 10-question multiple choice quiz by clicking on the link below:

Business English Exercise:  English for Accounting 1