English and Turkish Words of the Day!

I really miss igoogle!  I used igoogle as my desktop – adding rss feeds for everything from news to recipes to shopping deals to friends’ blogs.  I also added widgets like accuweather and horoscopes.

I found a replacement for igoogle called ighome.  It works pretty well and gives me what I need.  Google’s loss!

I have added two great widgets to my front home page using ighome.  The first is Merriam-Webster’s English Word of the Day.   Once in a while I come across a word I don’t know.  But I find it a great tool for those of you studying English!  It also has an icon to click so one can hear the word pronounced.

Today’s English word:

1 : conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature
2 : of, relating to, or characteristic of a sophomore
I also added a widget from Transparent Language for the Turkish Word of the Day.  I just love it although I find it hard to keep up!
Today’s Turkish word:
English translation:  to block
Part of speech:  verb
Turkish example:  Beni Twitter’da neden engelledin arkadaşım?
English example:  Why’d you block me on Twitter, friend?
Click the above links to set your desktop to ighome too and add these great widgets too!