Definitions Part 2: TV, Cooking & Baseball

This is the second part of definitions from the video clip we shared with you.  The clip was a TV cooking competitions hosting chefs from baseball parks. Part 1 of the definitions was provided yesterday.  The third and final part will be coming soon.

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Field of Dreams – This is the name of a movie made in 1989 – basically about baseball.  It means a place where anything can happen, anything you dream.

The Big ShowThis term most likely comes from the circus.  The big tent hosted the big show.  The term was made famous on by Ed Sullivan on his TV show.  It is used to describe a grand event.

Hit it with – In this case, it means to add something to the recipe.  This is different from “hitting the books” or “hitting the sack.”

Major bragging rightsMajor means big or important.  Bragging rights are the privilege one earns to talk about themselves after a victory.

Opening DayThis is the first day of the baseball season for any baseball team.  Opening day opens the season.

Butterflies in my stomach –  This is an idiomatic expression that means you are anxious and have a nervous feeling in your stomach.

We go through a tonWhile a ton is a very big measurement, we use it to simply mean a lot and to go through means to use.  So here we have, “We cook a lot of sausage at the ballpark.”

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