The Players: Who are the People in the Courtroom? – Part 1

When I teach English to Lawyers, one of the first requests I always get is to review who the people are in a courtroom scenario. If you ever watch legal TV shows, you may already know most of the players.  Frankly, in the legal system, there are a lot of participants.  So learning the English names of these people is sometimes difficult because sometimes they are more advanced English terms due to the fact that their participation in the legal system is a little more complicated.  For example, in order to teach who an Appellant is requires some knowledge (by the instructor) of what the appeal system is.  It becomes even more complicated when we discuss the parties in pleadings like the Cross-Complaint.

If you are a beginner to Legal English, I have found a great webpage for you.  The page lists the basic parties to a law suit and the participants in the Court.  It provides a short vocabulary list with definitions, a vocabulary review (fill-in the blanks in a paragraph), and definitions for additional relevant terms.

So, if you are looking for practical definitions and usage of terms like:  defendant, prosecutor, jury, or deliberate, go ahead and click the link!  Learn the legal vocabulary and take the quiz!!