TV, Cooking, and Baseball

If you saw this on Jeopardy what would your answer be?

TV, cooking, and baseball

Answer:  What is a great way to learn American idioms, phrasal verbs and slang?!

ALE has been hooked on teaching phrases lately.  We love phrasal verbs.  We love idioms!  And well, we know how to throw our slang around!  Most importantly, we are always finding new and fun ways to teach them.

Take a look at this great clip from our beloved cooking show, Chopped.  In this episode, chefs from big league baseball parks are competing.

Here are some of the great terms to learn from this clip:

stealing second
                big hitters
                               you will be chopped
                                                                batter up
the big show
                 hit it with
                                 major bragging rights

Posts containing the definitions are coming soon!  So please check back!

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