Past Tense Workshop

ALE will be starting a workshop in October to learn and review past tenses.  The workshop will be held on Monday evenings for 4 weeks.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at


Focus will be on:

  • Past Simple: I looked
  • Past Continuous: I was looking
  • Past Perfect: I had looked
  • Past Perfect Continuous: I had been looking

Lessons will include conversation, readings, videos, handouts and writing practice.

Here is a great overview of the English past tenses of verbs from TEFL & TESOL Courses – ITTT on YouTube:


ESL Jeopardy – Verb Tenses

While preparing for a lesson today, I came across a fun website.  Do you know the Jeopardy TV game show?  This site lets you set up your own Jeopardy game with as many as four teams. Give it a try:

Verb Tenses Jeopardy

You should spend a few minutes clicking through other parts of the website. has a lot of fun ways to learn and practice English for KIDS of ALL AGES!


Usually, I try not to translate when teaching English.  I believe one learns a language faster when a lesson is completely (or almost completely) taught in the target language.


However, recently, I used two of my favorite books, 501 English Verbs and 201 Turkish Verbs, together for a lesson.  It was like watching a light bulb go on!  I highly recommend these books when teaching or studying the conjugation of verbs.