Three Stooges: Swingin’ the Alphabet – a lesson on pronunciation

OK, I admit it.  The video I am sharing below is not completely correct and could be misleading.  But it is sooooooo much fun!

In English, the vowels have two pronunciations each, a long sound and a short sound.  For example, the “I” in “kite” is a long sound, but the “I” in “kit” is short.  Also note that sometimes a vowel may be silent, as the “E” is in “kite.”

Some of the consonants also have two sounds.  For example, the letter “G” has a hard sound, as in the word “gas”, and soft sound more like a “J”, as in the word “genre.”  In fact, a “g” can also be silent, as in “sign.”

But still, I couldn’t miss this great opportunity to share a video from one of my all time favorites, The Three Stooges!!!  I just love these numbskulls!  Oh the memories of almost missing Church on Sunday because I wasn’t done watching the weekly Three Stooges episode.

For more information on pronunciation, try these lessons from